Scratch Removal

We offer glass scratch repair service with the best specialists.


Utilizing the latest technologies in glass scratch repair our skilled technicians can completely remove minor to deep scratches on most glass surfaces. We can effectively remove scratches on residential and commercial glass windows.

Our professional removal services provide building and, home owners with a quicker, less expensive and greener alternative to glass replacement.

Our service can effectively remove:
  • Scratches on windows and doors.
  • Scratch graffiti, paint and even acid graffiti.
  • Construction, shipping or installation scratches.
  • Pet scratches and more!

Glass Cleaning

Our window cleaning service uses 100% pure water to clean your windows, as this is scientifically proven to be the best method of window cleaning. Our cleaning method leaves little to no residue compared to commonly used dish soaps and tap water with a high mineral content. Unfortunately, these industry standard methods can actually create the glass stains seen on most building windows today.