Marine repairs

Boats, ships and pleasure craft have a wide variety of purpose-built surfaces that are often expensive and difficult to source and replace. Our unique in situ repair service saves both time and money.

Our technicians are very experienced at working for the cruise line industry, helping to ensure that the onboard facilities are maintained to a high standard. Damage to fixtures and fittings to cabins, corridors, bathrooms and leisure facilities are prone to damage that leaves a negative impression and compromises safety. For example:

  • chipped basins and shower trays
  • cracked tiled walls and floors
  • scratched furniture

We will deploy to undertake refurbishment work while ships are in dry dock or for limited durations during port stop-overs. We can also arrange for technicians to operate as ‘riding crew’ to complete repairs while a vessel is at sea.


marine repair before


marine repair after

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