Facility Management

Accidental damage due to fit out or wear and tear are common problems often needing a speedy response. The Solution understands the needs of Facilities Managers and has extensive experience in managing projects in many commercial environments – food establishments, retail premises, universities, leisure facilities and many more!

Damaged tiles, chipped steps or scratched furnishings have the effect of spoiling any environment, particularly prestige workplaces or retail facilities. In some cases a damaged surface may present a safety hazard, obviously requiring urgent attention.

Our range of hard surface repair services enables facilities managers to keep premises in pristine condition.

Damage such as cracks, chips, scratches, stains and scorch marks is erased from all types of hard surface, restoring to its previous condition.

  • Cracks and chips are removed from the glass and glazed surfaces
  • Damage and graffiti is removed from external walls, fixtures and cladding
  • Metallic and plastic signage, bollards and street furniture refurbished to look as good as new

Don’t replace it! Restore it!