glass scratch removal

Scratched glass? Chips?

We offer glass scratch repair service with the best specialists.

In today’s construction industry, it’s not just about the repairing of scratched glass. It is also about how you operate. With Health and Safety, litigation and culpability playing an ever increasing role in construction today, a construction site or project manager needs to ensure that the trades they employ are genuine professionals.

By choosing a qualified glass polisher to work on your project, you are assured that your glass polishers have been assessed and verified to not only have the required skill level for the task in hand but that are they qualified to operate in a safe, professional manner on your project.

Utilizing the latest technologies in glass scratch repair our skilled technicians can completely remove minor to deep scratches on most glass surfaces. We can effectively remove scratches on residential and commercial glass windows.

Our professional removal services provide building and, home owners with a quicker, less expensive and greener alternative to glass replacement.

Our service can effectively remove:

  • Scratches on windows and doors.
  • Scratch graffiti, paint and even acid graffiti.
  • Construction, shipping or installation scratches.
  • Pet scratches and more!

Removing chips to glass panes and the edges of glazed worktops. Using special resins, chips are structurally stabilized and damaged edges re-built. Polishing will restore clarity to the chipped area to leave a perfect finish.

We offer repairs to:

  • Surface impact damage
  • Chipped glass edges
  • Chipped glass corners
  • Chipped glass


glass scratch removal before


glass scratch removal after


chipped glass


Chipped glass repaired

Don’t replace it! Restore it!