glass scratch removal

Specialized Cleaning

A new and innovative approach to the removal of surface contamination that’s:

  • Non abrasive
  • Protects & preserves

Contamination of external facades comes in many forms. Whether it’s due to an accidental spill of concrete, malicious damage such as vandalism or by pollution the cost to replace or refurbish can be very high.

Expensive dilapidation costs can be avoided by The Solution unique range of surface treatments supported by specialist chemical cleaning experts who have many years of experience.

Our approach to surface contamination is simple; identify exactly what the contaminant is and then match it to a treatment process that will remove it without damaging the substrate underneath, and where possible protect it from further attack.


specialized cleaning before


specialized cleaning after

Escalator Deep Cleaning

An escalator or travelator is one of the first things visitors will see upon entering a hotel, airport or shopping center. No matter how clean the other areas of the building are, if the escalator is not clean customers immediately get a negative impression of the facility.

The grooves in the tread area of the step are a magnet for impacted dirt and are hard to remove.

Cleaning of an escalator doesn’t have to be a challenge if you use the correct contractor with a detailed cleaning plan and the right equipment is used.

Conventional cleaning techniques don’t work for cleaning escalators. 

Here at The Solution we are specialists in escalator cleaning, helping you with maintaining the best of look of your property by supplying a first class service delivered by our highly trained and experienced staff.


escalator deep clean before


escalator deep clean after

Don't replace it! Restore it!